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What We Do

DoLessons is a supplementary learning and home tutoring service provider in Nigeria. We connect students to verified expert tutors in their neighborhood for after-school personalised lessons based on pace, learning style and predefined schedules to improve students' learning curve, widen set goals and accelerate excellent performance in test scores through one on one at home tutoring.

Our private in-home tutoring sessions offer a highly personalized, comfortable and secure learning environment for today’s stressed and distracted students, who are under increasing pressure to excel in academics and perform well in competitive entrance tests for leading universities and colleges.

Best Home Tutors

We offer part-time and full-time opportunities for passionate educators to tutor a wide range of subjects for after-school home lessons, college admission test preparation, and professional coaching. Only 5% of the elite tutors who have passed our pre-qualification Subject Evaluation Test are engaged by us after verification and background checks, ensuring our clients get the best and most professional tutors that surpass their expectations.