What You Need To Know About Your High School Grade

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High school grades determine how prepared you are for university education. Subject mastery is reliant on your understanding of the classes that come before it.


Tips you must know!

GPA accounts for 50 per cent of your student’s university application. It is by far the most important component to pay attention to when setting goals. Give yourself time to prepare for SAT, JAMB, TOEFL, Post UTME, etc. DoLessons’ professional teachers work with students from start to top high school subjects ranging from introductory to the most advanced topics in Further Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, etc…


Primary 6 Students

Most primary 6 pupils looking to transfer to independent high school must sit for Common Entrance Exam. The jump from Basic arithmetic to Algebra loses a lot of pupils. Those who have the support of a private teacher make that transition more comfortably and painlessly. Study and organizational habits are vital to a successful academic pursuit. The increased workload in J.S1 forces students to establish new habits, good or bad. DoLessons ensures students develop good study habits and don’t cheat to pass exams. DoLessons’ personalized learning teachers are trained to infuse energy into every lesson, keeping students focused and engaged while expressing their passion for learning!