How to Create Account on DoLessons

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We have observed from our dashboard that most new users are finding it difficult to seamlessly create their account, it is actually very simple. The process is designed for 30 seconds signup completion.

Please follow the below simple steps to create a new account:

1. On, click on the "Login" button and click the "Sign up" link tab below the Login forms, or go to

2. On, select an account type i.e Tutor, Student, Seller or Others. Each account type has a unique role. user roles

i. Tutor role is for teachers who intend to teach on

ii. Students role is for tutees who need on-demand academic, language or skill coaching. These are buyers of tutoring services on

iii. Seller role is for marketers of books and other educational materials who want to leverage vast audience of educators, learners and parents to sell their educational materials. Everyone on can list their products for sale on marketplace from their dashboard within 40 seconds.

iv. Others is for buyers of lessons, books and other educational materials. Users who are neither Students nor Tutors can select this account role. If you select this role, you can only buy on but cannot sell on the marketplace.

3. Depending on the account type selected, for tutor sign up, new users will be redirected to the Tutor sign up forms where basic info are required, clicking the "Next" button navigates the user to the "OTP" page for phone verification.

4. This is where most users are getting stuck. Just select country code, Nigeria for Nigerians and enter your phone number, and the OTP (Phone verification Code) will be sent to your phone number instantly. Please wait for few minutes for the OTP code to arrive, do not send multiple times and don't refresh the page. On our dashboard, we see some users requesting OTP up to ten times and above and on each request, the system is sending a unique OTP at various intervals, this is really not necessary. Our stand-by admin is monitoring the OTP and is manually sending OTP to users who do not receive the automated OTP, please call 09029720222 for any assistance. Most users that don't receive OTP has Do-Not-Disturb (DND) activated on their phones, Send a text message "ALLOW" to 2442 to remove DND and receive OTP. We are online 24/7 to render technical assistance to our teeming users, please don't hesitate to call for OTP or any other assistance. We respond 24 hours, we don't get tired.  

5. Enter the OTP code you just received into the form called "Enter DoLessons Verification Code" and bingo! You account is up.

6. Login to registered email address and Activate your email by clicking the click sent to your email by DoLessons.

The above steps can be done in thirty seconds. Create your DoLessons account now, it is fun!