How to Sell on DoLessons online Store

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Selling books and other educational materials on DoLessons online store is very easy. Both tutors and students may list their products from their dashboards for free and start selling to DoLessons' global audience. Follow these simple steps:

1. Login to your DoLessons account or Signup as a seller:

2. On, Click "Sell on DoLessons"

3. On page, give your store a name, create a direct link URL that you can share on social media to navigate buyers to your store, and briefly describe your Store, product you sell and your delivery methods and location

4. Next, click the "Dashboard" button and navigate to your dashboard

5. On your dashboard click "My Store" link Tab at the bottom of your dashboard and it redirect to

6. on page, click the "Add Product" button and start selling.

Repeat Step 5 for many products as you want to list and buyers will come knocking on your door!

If you are on the Store pace,, simply follow Step 2 to 5.