Tutoring Trend

17 Qualities of a Great Tutor

A private teacher, referred to as 'Tutor' is a private instructor who teaches a specific subject or skill to an individual student or small group of students, helping the student to improve knowledge or skills more rapidly than in a classroom setting. Tutoring is an age-old practice for giving additional, special or basic instructions that accelerate excellent performance in test scores, improved grades and self-study skills development. A great tutor must have the following qualities:

How to Create Account on DoLessons

We have observed from our dashboard that most new users are finding it difficult to seamlessly create their account, it is actually very simple. The process is designed for 30 seconds signup completion.

Please follow the below simple steps to create a new account:

1. On https://www.dolessons.com, click on the "Login" button and click the "Sign up" link tab below the Login forms, or go to https://www.dolessons.com/register