IGCSE Home Lesson

IGCSE Private Home Lesson


The highly customized and concept-targeted approach of our GCSE Home lessons will help your child builds the skills, study habits, and motivation necessary to excel in IGCSE exams today and beyond. We cover IGCSE home lessons for International mathematics, English as a second language, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.


Your private home tutor will also interact with your child online as well as help them meet their needs on weekly set objectives. They also have access to free lesson videos online that cover numerous topics and core concepts on your curriculum.


Book an IGCSE private home tutor by selecting one or more subjects below.

Lesson Description: 

Lessons are delivered 3 times a week, 2 hours per session at client's Home. Help your children stay ahead of their peers

Product ID Subject Per Month Amount(N) Add to Cart
18 International Mathematics 1  ₦45,000 
113 English as Second Language 1  ₦45,000 
114 Physics 1  ₦50,000 
115 Chemistry 1  ₦50,000 
116 Biology 1  ₦45,000