Learn on a schedule that fits your needs, you and your tutor will progress step by step applying advanced, innovative and strategic methods and concentrating on the areas where you have the most untapped potential. Our Tutors are effective, passionate educators who are respected authorities in tutoring students transiting from Primary to High school. If you are not thinking ahead of your education, you are falling behind it. We help students keep their learning curve razor sharp.

Product ID Subject Per Month Amount(N) Download Scheme Add to Cart
3 Mathematics 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon JS1 Mathematics.pdf
4 English Language 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon JS1 English.pdf
91 Basic Science 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon JS1 Basic Science.pdf
92 Basic Technology 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon JS1 Basic Technology.pdf
93 Agricultural Science 1 ₦22,000 PDF icon JS1 Agricultural Science.pdf
94 Computer Studies 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon JS1 Computer Studies.pdf
95 Civic Education 1 ₦22,000 PDF icon JS1 Civic Education.pdf
96 French 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon JS1 French.pdf
97 Music 1 ₦25,000

Smart teachers simplify your learning experience and maximize your study time. Our experienced and advanced knowledgebase on core subjects and insightful curriculum understanding gives us edge over your academic needs. 99 per cent of our students report better grades, more confidence and higher homework completion