With DoLessons' 1-on- 1 tutoring, you receive the most personalized form of learning from our most experienced teachers. Our expert tutors customize instruction and preparation to your needs and learning style, and focus on the areas with the highest potential for improvement. And you can’t beat the convenience: tutors will come to you when you’re available.

Product ID Subject Per Month Amount(N) Download Scheme Add to Cart
5 Mathematics 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon JS2 Mathematics.pdf
6 English Language 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon JS2 English.pdf
98 Basic Science 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon JS2 Basic Science.pdf
99 Basic Technology 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon JS2 Basic Technology.pdf
100 Agricultural Science 1 ₦25,000
101 Computer Studies 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon JS2 Computer Studies.pdf
102 Civic Education 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon JS2 Civic Education.pdf
103 French 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon JS2 French.pdf
104 Music 1 ₦25,000

The Teaching by doing approach of DoLessons has propelled rapid student’s intellectual quotient development for exams. Students begin to show tremendous interest in the subject area, tell us how it enables them to stay engaged throughout lessons and how easy it is to apply the steps in solving Exams problems