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Help your child learn from the best JS2 tutors in your neighborhood. Our personalized private lessons include features based on concepts your kid finds tasking in the classroom and input from tutors to help them perform best.


Our tutor will work with your kids  learning style and pace, to ensure optimal learning and academic success. We have home tutors for JS2 subjects like Mathematics, Basic Science, French e.t.c


Product ID Subject Per Month Amount(N) Download Scheme Add to Cart
5 JS2 Maths Tutor 1  ₦35,000 
6 JS2 English Language Tutor 1  ₦35,000  PDF icon JS2 English.pdf
98 Basic Science & Basic Technology Tutor 1  ₦35,000  PDF icon JS2 Basic Science.pdf
101 JS2 Computer Studies Tutor 1  ₦35,000  PDF icon JS2 Computer Studies.pdf
103 JS2 French Tutor 1  ₦35,000 
285 All JSS2 Subjects 1  ₦45,000