You may have been told to study hard, DoLessons tells you to Study Smarter! The most efficient way to solve a complicated Exam problem is to break it down into logical steps and follow the sequence. We will make sure you learn and re-learn all the content you need through our rigorous and firm study skills development plan.

Product ID Subject Per Month Amount(N) Download Scheme Add to Cart
7 Mathematics 1 ₦30,000 PDF icon JS3 Mathematics.pdf
105 English Language 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon JS3 English.pdf
106 Basic Science 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon JS3 Basic Science.pdf
107 Basic Technology 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon JS3 Basic Technology.pdf
108 Agricultural Science 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon JS3 Agricultureal Science.pdf
109 Computer Studies 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon JS3 Computer Studies.pdf
110 Civic Education 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon JS3 Civic Education.pdf
111 French 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon JS3 French.pdf
112 Music 1 ₦25,000

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