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We teach you Foreign Languages using the European Framework scale. A1 - C2 for German.

  • A2 will help you get a German residence permit
  • B1 for German citizenship
  • telc German B2 / Goethe B2 are accepted by most German employers, 
  • C1 is accepted by basically all employers
  • C2 for teachers of German and University studies. 

Spanish Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the World. Over 400 million people speak it, as a result, it is an extremely popular second language for people. Dolessons great language tutors will help you learn these languages from beginner to advanced speaker

Lesson Description: 

4 weeks, twice weekly at 3 hours per session. Maximum of 15 students per class. Venue is besides Alade Market, Allen Junction, Ikeja. 

Product ID Subject Per Month Amount(N) Add to Cart
299 German 1  ₦75,000 
300 Spanish 1  ₦75,000 
301 Chinese 1  ₦75,000 
302 French 1  ₦70,000 
303 Arabic 1  ₦80,000 
304 Hausa 1  ₦35,000 
305 Yoruba 1  ₦35,000 
306 Igbo 1  ₦35,000