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We teach you Foreign Languages using the European Framework scale. A1 - C2 for German.

  • A2 will help you get a German residence permit
  • B1 for German citizenship
  • telc German B2 / Goethe B2 are accepted by most German employers, 
  • C1 is accepted by basically all employers
  • C2 for teachers of German and University studies. 

Spanish Spanish is one of the most spoken languages in the World. Over 400 million people speak it, as a result, it is an extremely popular second language for people. Dolessons great language tutors will help you learn these languages from beginner to advanced speaker

Product ID Subject Per Month Amount(N) Add to Cart
299 German Language 1  ₦65,000 
300 Spanish Language 1  ₦55,000 
301 Chinese Language 1  ₦55,000 
302 French Language 1  ₦55,000 
303 Arabic Language 1  ₦50,000 
304 Hausa Language 1  ₦35,000 
305 Yoruba Language 1  ₦35,000 
306 Igbo Language 1  ₦35,000