Our energy-packed lessons include features based on concepts you find tasking in the classroom and input from tutors to help you perform best. Prep classes are conveniently held at your home.

The Right Match for you

We take pride in the careful planning that goes into selecting the right tutor for each student. Our tutors undergo rigorous training and have a proven record of achieving excellent results. We offer customized academic tutoring plans across all subject areas.

Product ID Subject Per Month Amount(N) Download Scheme Add to Cart
8 Mathematics 1 ₦30,000 PDF icon SS1 Mathematics.pdf
53 English Language 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon SS1 English.pdf
54 Physics 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon SS1 Physics.pdf
55 Chemistry 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon SS1 Chemistry.pdf
56 Biology 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon SS1 Biology.pdf
57 Technical Drawing 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon SS1 Technical Drawing.pdf
58 Agricultural Science 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon SS1 Agricultural Science.pdf
59 Computer Studies 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon SS1 Computer Studies.pdf
60 Further Mathematics 1 ₦30,000 PDF icon SS1 Further Mathematics.pdf
61 Geography 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon SS1 Geography.pdf
62 Literature in English 1 ₦25,000
63 Civic Education 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon SS1 Civic Education.pdf
64 Economics 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon SS1 Economics.pdf
65 French 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon SS1 French.pdf

We send you an excellent teacher, where you are not satisfied at the end of the month, you have a chance to select another tutor from DoLessons league of thousand of tutors. Surely, you will get a teacher that will surpass you real academic needs considering our teaching experience and expertise.Our prep culture is completely customer-centric, teacher-centered and student-focused, which is how we have grown so dramatically.