Unlock your potential.

Working on a schedule that fits your needs, you and your tutor will progress through the advanced DoLessons’ Prep strategies, concentrating on the areas where you have the most untapped potential. Between your one-on-one tutoring sessions and homework assignments created based on your needs, you will have everything you need to reach your maximum potential on test day.

Product ID Subject Per Month Amount(N) Download Scheme Add to Cart
9 Mathematics 1 ₦30,000 PDF icon SS2 Mathematics.pdf
66 English Language 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon English SS2.pdf
67 Physics 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon SS2_Physics.pdf
68 Chemistry 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon SS2 Chemistry.pdf
69 Biology 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon SS2 Biology.pdf
70 Technical Drawing 1 ₦30,000 PDF icon SS2 Technical_Drawing.pdf
71 Agricultural Science 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon SS2 Agricultural Science.pdf
72 Further Mathematics 1 ₦30,000 PDF icon SS2 Further Mathematics.pdf
73 Geography 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon SS2 Geography.pdf
74 Literature in English 1 ₦25,000
75 Civic Education 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon SS2 Civic Education.pdf
76 Economics 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon SS2 Economics.pdf
77 French 1 ₦25,000 PDF icon SS2 French.pdf

Comprehensive Support

DoLessons’ students can interact with our support tutors online as much as they want for free. They also get additional help on homework between tutoring sessions and even beyond the tutoring engagement.

The best tutors drive the best results. Select  subject courses to learn. We have helped over a thousand students achieve better grades, improve test score and achieve advanced self-study skill development.