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Our personalized lessons include subject concepts your kid finds challenging in the classroom. The self-paced input from DoLessons tutors will help your child perform best.


Our tutor will work with your child's  learning style and pace, to ensure optimal learning and academic success. We have home tutors for all SS3 subjects like Mathematics, English, Chemistry, Further Math, Accounting, Physics, Biology, French e.t.c

Lesson Description: 

Lessons are delivered 3 times a week, 2 hours per sessions. Clients will set class schedule and tutor shall follow the timings. 

Product ID Subject Per Month Amount(N) Download Scheme Add to Cart
10 SS3 Math Tutor 1  ₦35,000  PDF icon SS3 Mathematics.pdf
78 English Language, Agric Science & Geography 1  ₦35,000  PDF icon SS3 English.pdf
79 SS3 Physics Tutor 1  ₦35,000  PDF icon SS3 Physics.pdf
80 SSS 3 Chemistry Tutor 1  ₦35,000  PDF icon SS3 Chemistry.pdf
81 Biology & Economics 1  ₦30,000  PDF icon SS3 Biology.pdf
82 SS3 Technical Drawing Tutor 1  ₦35,000  PDF icon SS3 Technical Drawing.pdf
85 SS3 Further Mathematics Tutor 1  ₦35,000  PDF icon SS3 Further Mathematics.pdf
90 SS3 French Tutor 1  ₦38,000  PDF icon SS3 French.pdf
292 All SS 3 Subjects 1  ₦50,000