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About Us

What We Do

DoLessons is supplementary learning and tutoring marketplace that helps you find your perfect tutor to ace your test score or improve grades. We assess, evaluate and background-check expert tutors, onboard them and connect them students who need help in tasking learning concepts. Our tutors bring simplicity to learning, helping learners overcome their pitfalls through academic drills that sharpen students' self-study skills, improve learning curve, widen set goals and accelerate excellent performance in test scores.

Our private in-home tutoring, online or at Ikeja-Centre sessions offer a highly personalized and secure learning environment for today’s stressed and distracted students, who are under increasing pressure to excel in academics and perform well in competitive tests for leading universities and colleges.

Expert Teachers

We have experienced and highly trained independent professional teachers who are up-to-date with the current Nigerian, British and American curricula. We are careful to rigorously scrutinize and engage tutors with proven academic records, impactful and outstanding excellence in their fields of studies.


We help you find the perfect tutors you need for prep, to excel in students learning outcomes

Teachers Recruitment & Training

We recruit competent teachers for government and private schools seeking to hire professional and expatriate teachers to model their schools. We also train, retrain and transform the average ranking unproductive teachers to become assets to their schools and role models for students to follow.

Innovative & Advanced Technology

We use advanced teaching methods, aids and materials that make learning fun, leveraging Information Technology tools to propel student’s research, motivating and inspiring them to be the best. As yesteryear’s teaching methods may not work for today’s students, we have embraced the use of online resources to personalize learning, and our instructors are trained to infuse energy into every lesson session, keeping students focused and engaged.