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Achieve Band 8.5 IELTS score at a sitting. Take IELTS preparatory classes with expert tutors on DoLessons to help you understand and overcome major IELTS pitfalls that can hinder you from excelling on the English Language test. Ranging from answering Reading, Speaking, Listening and Writing based questions faster to eliminating answer choices, you will boost your scores through personalized DoLessons Home lessons and ace your test in one sitting.


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Lesson Description: 

IELTS Classes are held 2 times per week at your Home, and 2 times per week at our Centre. If you have a busy schedule, you have the option to learn Online, twice per week at 2 hours per session. The classes are very effective. You get mock quizzes before the end of your classes. We use the mock quizzes to gauge the level of your readiness to take the IELTS Exams. 


Product ID Subject Per Month Amount(N) Add to Cart
244 IELTS Training at DoLessons Centre 1 ₦52,500.00
245 IELTS Home Tutor 1 ₦65,000.00
246 DoLessons IELTS KYC Form 1 ₦3,500.00
247 IELTS Online Class 1 ₦47,000.00