Students who choose DoLessons SAT prep do so to get advantage over the rest by aiming for the most competitive universities, we are super excited to help them because DoLessons is meant for this category of students. With our smart SAT experience, you will ace the SAT test as we take the stress out of you. You will also be granted access to numerous advanced SAT preparatory lesson materials and videos.

  • Top private SAT instructors
  • Works with your schedule
  • Unlimited instructor access
  • Practice test at real time
Product ID Subject Per Month Amount(N) Add to Cart
13 Mathematics 1 ₦35,000
35 English Language 1 ₦30,000
36 Biology 1 ₦25,000
37 Chemistry 1 ₦35,000
38 Physics 1 ₦35,000
39 French 1 ₦35,000

Blended learning is a legit winner in improving students’ performance in SAT. Students are guided through individualized lessons at their comfort - in their homes, while the teacher infuses energy in the SAT prep sessions to keep them on subject concept track, focused and engaged. This goal is achieved by asking students specific SAT questions to motivate and build their sense of autonomy towards self-study skills.