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How Digital Tools Improve Teaching and Learning

By Martins Fidelis / 08.01.2016/ 0 Comments

Digital tools are transforming essential elements of the education space. Understanding how they are impacting teaching and learning will help guide your consideration of which tools are useful and how to best implement them. 

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The Importance of Education

By sadmin-38 / 26.10.2016/ 0 Comments

Employees agree that there is nothing more important than their child's education. Why, then, do 87% of teachers claim that parents are not doing enough to help with reading, math and homework? Parents also know that college has longstanding...

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Why Should I Hire a DoLessons’ Pro Teacher?

By Martins Fidelis / 08.01.2016/ 0 Comments

Even jobs that look easy can go wrong in number of ways. Hiring a DoLessons Professional Teacher can fast track your child’s study skills towards academic success, saves time, keep he/she on top of what they should know at the present class,...

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